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Welcome to that website called munkey... nothing to do with munkeys its just an awesome word thats stuck about for some time so I made a website showcasing stuff I made (electronics) and other shite.

My other homepage got eaten by something and I really couldn't be arsed to make another one matching the rest of the site... Untill now.

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Updates and news


Note This site is no-longer being maintained/ bulit anymore
It can serve as a little archive of what I got up to before schoolwork absorbed all my time...


I have a domain! How could I forget? I managed to get a free domain which is just awesome...


I can has adverts. I got google ads without really knowing much about it. Just to see how it goes, I didnt put adverts on every page because that just pisses me and probably every sane person on this planet off.


WhooHoo, the first update of '09 Not much content added but I made the buttons look funky by making them change colour when you rollover them. Took almost 2 days continous work to make it do what I want it to do- But its worth it, Just look!

I havn't really been making fun shizzle because ive been to pre-occupied with this New world order stuff The page is comiing along slowly but it should cool once its done


Some more truth found out, See whats coming...

Wow. A BIG update. I wanted to add 1 more button to my menu on each page, going through each document to add some html is not fun. So I decided to switch to PHP so I can use the incude function. Making it easier to make changes sitewise in the future. Aslo if I ever choose to learn PHP I can make some funky shizzle. Ultermately each way ment going through each document...

Content wise not a lot has changed. Nothing to do with electronics has been magically but I have learnt a lot about the governments and New world orders. See the 9/11 link on your left to read more. You WILL be shocked. Be sure to share your ideas in the forum


A lot of pages will have spelling errors and the like, I wanted to get this update up and really didn't fancy spending hours doing that annoying stuff.

An update at last. More work done on the audio stuff, and more pages added. Neatened up some pages. And added less/more to my views.

And im also planning to use some more funky coding and shizzle, CSS for the menus and anything thats not too annyoing but makes this site more flash

Lots of stuff done on the Red Faction (game) site, got someone to write some nice scripts. But if you are reading this you probably don't give two tosses


  • Whoop! Finally made this page after nearly a year
  • I had over 200 broken links... thats down the about 40 now
  • Finally finished the inverter page
  • Got some more audio projects going now
  • A new and unfinished page here <-- Inverter circuit
  • Added some pics of the landrovers
  • There is probaly some other shite added in the other 'place'
  • Might wanna check out my views too... Have a dose of bad language.


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